Another Wonderful Thing About Maine: The Temperature

The ideal vacation spot should be in a nice temperate climate—not too hot or too cold in the prime summer season. Most people want to go between June and September. Many places of major interest are sweltering half way through this time period like New York or New Orleans (or anywhere in the south). You then have few choices other than the beach. Fortunately, resorts abound on both the east and west coast. But you will no doubt encounter vast crowds and expensive housing. Plus, if you loathe a sunburn, you won’t enjoy your time at the shore. Are you tired of sand in your shoes and all over your hair?

I have another option for you. The wonderful state of Maine. The wonderful thing about it is the temperature in the summer. In fact, I don’t need to use air conditioning at all. If you crave hiking in the great outdoors amid gorgeous scenery, this is the place to be. It is not too hot to camp comfortably and it is even mild enough at night to light a nice fire for toasting marshmallows and hot dogs. It is an alternative for those who go to the beach year after year. It is time to retire the surf board and wetsuit and get out your shorts and boots. Maine is one big photo opportunity. Your entire family will love it. You get to stay in a quaint log cabin with a big ceiling fan in the living room. They were featured on Facebook for their amazing design. It is mostly for looks given the nice weather, but if the temperature should rise a few degrees, we are prepared. And we are clever too. Our fans convert to heating units in the winter and, yes, we do have snow. Visitors come in droves to enjoy the fresh powder and the snow-tipped trees. We are a picturesque state all year round. We really shine, however, in the summer.

I sound like a commercial and perhaps I am. I started this blog to bring attention to an often-neglected haven of outdoor fun. We have blue skies, soaring mountains, crystal clear rivers and majestic lakes. The lodgings are so colorful that vacationers enjoy staying in now and then to enjoy a board game, watch TV (and nap) or listen to music while sipping a cold glass of wine. There is something here that breeds relaxation. Perhaps it is the lack of urban noise. If you want to get away from it all, get over here fast and enjoy a real change of pace. I guarantee a good time for everyone. Our resorts, large and small, have all the amenities from barbecue areas to swimming pools. You will find casual eateries a walking distance away. If you want to try the local fare, we have plenty of options nearby. We are known for our hospitality and friendliness. Why not book your next trip here and find out for yourself!