Dos and Don’ts in the Cold

Brrr. Get out the fleece-lined parkas and boots. Maine is known for cold weather like most New England states. If you are not a local, check out the fabulous scenic views of our mountains on line. It makes for great winter recreation such as skiing, cross country, sledding, ice skating, and more. On rare freezing days, you are homebound. We get snow aplenty and who doesn’t like to take a walk with those gorgeous white flakes floating down. You don’t even want to cover your head. If you smoke, the air is brisk. You aren’t tampering with nature and your ambience is fresh and clean. This is certainly not true when you smoke inside, even by a fireplace.

Smoke pollution isn’t just from a factory smoke stack. You can ruin the indoor experience for a sensitive person who can’t breathe in any form of smoke – cigarette, pipe, or cigar. You have a real problem if it is cold outside and you crave a smoke, but the No More Smoke Smell blog has some tips to help you. You can amuse yourself and fight the urge by shoveling snow so you can get to your car when you like. You can check your pipes and make sure the water is running a little to prevent freezing. It can happen. Don ‘t overtax yourself with outdoor chores or you may have a heart attack. It can happen. Get out the blankets and check the fuel in your home generator in case the lights go out. It can happen.

If your family bans you from the house on cold days, you may have a problem. If you can’t curb the habit, you can move to Florida like the rest of the snowbirds do in the winter. You can sit on the beach and light up all you want. Ha! There are worse reasons to go south. But I adore the cruel months because they are actually kind to locals and tourists alike. While we revel in camping by the lake in August, we can’t wait to get out the skis in October in anticipation of the white stuff. Mine are waxed and ready before Thanksgiving and the first heavy snow fall. Come December, we get out the axe and select the perfect Christmas tree. You can see that we have a lot of fun.

The kids prefer sledding and they can do it close by – a two-minute walk to the nearest small hill. They skate with friends on the frozen pond lined with snow-covered fir trees. It is the frosty season and the holidays are inching closer. Christmas Market and all the festivals will waken up our quiet little towns. I sound like an ad for Maine tourism, and perhaps I am. I am loyal, patriotic, and keen on helping us economically at all times. I will do a blog on hiking and camping later on. There is a lot to tell. I will post photos on Instagram.