Housecleaning Hacks for Guys

They say that Maine is for the self-sufficient who also enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, small town friendliness, and who want to live in a vibrant place with a rich culture. We are not like everybody else. We don’t go off on tangents, but today I have some practical advice for guys. I know you didn’t ask, but listen up and learn something.

A friend was remarking about how I do dreaded housework instead of hiring someone else. Lots of people need jobs, I know; but I have the time (although not much inclination I admit). You can get through it with ease if you have a good attitude. If you need to be prompted, I have a few tips on making the most of housekeeping day. Here are my hacks:

  1. Remove all distractions, turn off the TV, but leave any music you like blaring. It will keep you moving. It’s okay to dance a bit.
  2. Change into comfortable clothing like gym shorts and tees. Make sure it is also not too warm in the house so you don’t sweat. If you see it as a form of exercise, then no matter. Chores definitely burn calories.
  3. Don’t clean when you are hungry or tired. Do have some water in the fridge for your break.
  4. Don’t clean when you are in a rush and have a social obligation or appointment. You won’t do a thorough job.
  5. Make a list of what needs to be done in this session. Prioritize it accordingly.
  6. Have cleaning fluids (regular or green—what I prefer), soft cloths, dish soap, and window spray on hand. Don’t plan to go to the store in the middle of your work. You won’t come back.
  7. Select a good cheap Hoover vacuum. They don’t break down and need much repair. They come in various sizes and prices. It is a must. How else will you tackle the carpet and floor.
  8. If you get a cheap vacuum, you can buy another and put one on every floor of your home. You won’t have to lug the monster up and down stairs. This will save your back and encourage you to take care of every room. It is well worth the extra expense.
  9. If you get one good one and one cheap model, use the more powerful to vacuuming up all the de-icing salt you track in the house during our tough Maine winters. Living here has few drawbacks, but this is one.
  10. Do the nastiest job first such as the toilet and bathroom shower or tub (remember what I said above about prioritizing). They take some elbow grease whereas vacuuming with a good machine practically does it for you.
  11. Reward yourself with a treat so you will look forward to cleaning day next week. This could be time on the Internet, eating something good, having a beer, or taking the dog for a walk. It is entirely your choice.