I Guess it Hiberates in Winter

Certain aspects of home ownership are needed to run a smooth household all year round. In Maine, it is mostly winter but each season brings certain problems. If you keep tabs on repairs, you can avoid those nasty big expenditures that inevitably appear. If you fix a leaky roof, you won’t need a new one—at least for a while. If you keep an eye on your appliances, you can keep them practically forever. Turn things off when not in use and clean them regularly. Deice the freezer from time to time so it doesn’t get clogged. Even the most advanced automatic system goes on the fritz with ice tumbling out in a waterfall of frozen squares.

Have I left anything out? Watch that your pipes don’t freeze in winter, especially when you are away, or you will get a big surprise when you get home. In the summer, replace your air conditioner filters to avoid a drag on the system which wastes energy and therefore money. Don’t leave utensils in the sink lest they fall into the garbage disposal. Don’t neglect a leaky toilet or you could have a flood. There are a lot more don’ts. It is a big responsibility to own a home. I haven’t even mentioned the garage or yard. Dry off wet tools so they don’t rust; seal and store open oil cans for the car; wind up the garden hose in a neat pile; and check the portable generator. Power can do out anytime of the year.

I forgot one important issue: clean water. I have a reverse osmosis filtration system which works well but suddenly I experienced a loss of pressure that made it less efficient. I had to explore a bit to find out what was wrong. I was a bit miffed that this happened so soon after the installation. Pressure is used to drive the process so that polluted water passes through a membrane, eliminating alien elements like chemicals, toxins, rust, or iron residue from your pipes. It sounds perfect in principle, while in reality it is failing. However, it turns out that there is a temperature threshold for the unit to operate properly and the water was just too cold! Not to panic. This can be fixed. In the meantime, you have to realize that the innards of the reverse osmosis unit are not designed to support extreme temperatures. If you don’t regulate this requirement, you can cause damage to your system. This goes for high and low temperatures. So now I know.

I have created a checklist to handle all these recurring household duties without which you might as well move. An ounce of prevention….as they say. I have learned not to make assumptions the hard way, by having things go wrong. Now I am a bit of a preacher about taking care of business at home. This is not a paradox, my friend.