Keep the Hot Water Coming

I love my state and wouldn’t live anywhere else. It gets mighty cold in Maine in the winter, but these are our glory days. If you love outdoor sports like skiing, sledding, skating, and cross country hikes, you have come to the right place. Gorgeous white-tipped trees are all around. They wear their snow mantle with pride. I enjoy the chill in the air and the frost at night. It is all part of life in the northeast.

While some struggle with the cold and keep tabs on the water heater to make sure they don’t run out during their nightly bone-warming shower, I simply resort to a fleece vest and parka. Top this attire with a knitted hat and I’m ready for the great outdoors. Sure, I like my showers, but when my fingers and toes need thawing out, I love a long, hot bath. I wish I had my own sauna, but that is for another time.

Given that we can’t use solar, we just have to decide between electric and gas appliances. I know people who have both and they get accolades all around. You go with the way your home is set up. If you have a gas stove, then why not a gas water heater? You can install an electric tankless unit, but there are few differences in cost. In both cases, the heater is compact and takes up little space when mounted on a wall. Furthermore, both systems guarantee a significant savings in your monthly energy bill. If you are ecologically minded, by all means get a tankless style and keep the hot water coming. Get rid of the old metal tank that has probably rusted over and become truly modern.

People fear water heaters because they leak, but this is alien to a tankless device. You do not need to store a lot of extra water which seems to me to be a waste. You get hot water if and when you need it. Gas or electric—it doesn’t matter in terms of the time needed to get water of the ideal temperature. Remember, the cost is about the same so it is a no-brainer decision. When in doubt, just ask your plumber or handyman their opinion for your needs. Plus, there is a lot of information online at places like

People in Maine are practical and think about these things. I hope I am not boring you today. I am just revealing a bit about life in a frosty climate. It has its good and bad points, but mostly good. Check out my photos on Instagram and you will see a winter fairyland. Who doesn’t love the snow? Okay, I have to admit that it takes elbow grease to clear a path from your front door to the street. Try sweating in your heavy clothes for an uncomfortable feeling. Once the chore is done, you can relax in that hot bath I mentioned.