Making the Most of Maine

Gather around and listen. I love my new sunrise alarm clock; it is so amazing that I have to blog about it. If you need something to get you up in the morning, particularly during the dreary winters as we have in Maine, you have come to the right place. The dark months won’t seem so terrible that you never want to go outside. If you don’t rouse yourself out of that cozy, warm bed, you will miss all the wonderful white snow and the winter sports. After a day of cross country skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating or just enjoying the view, you will feel invigorated and like you can’t wait for winter to come when deep in fall. All it takes is a sunrise alarm from Be Right Light that goes on with the most beautiful array of colors you can imagine. You feel like you are in fairyland. Then you can look out the window and decide what to do for the day.

The scenery is so glorious that you will hop out of bed to see amazing sights. The coast is one of them for sure. The seaside villages draped in a blanket of the white stuff are quiet and peaceful. You will want to run into a charming Maine inn and sit by a roaring fire. Then have dinner overlooking the ocean waves and you will know what heaven is like. The holiday season brings a local crafts fair and carriage rides to our villages. Maybe you didn’t know that the state is a great getaway place for tourists. Please spread the word and help the local economy.

The more adventurous residents and out-of-state athletes get out their boots and skis. We have the biggest mountains and best slopes in all of New England bar none. Has anyone heard of Sunday River and Sugarloaf? In addition, Nordic types will love the myriad of trails, farms, fields, and resorts. There is a network of varied terrain to please every outdoorsman or woman. Let me tell you what it is like cruising across a snow-covered plain or a frozen lake—outstanding. Bring a camera or at least your cell phone. If you join us in the winter, you can enjoy ice fishing derbies and winter carnivals. There are ski festivals starting in late November, from Thanksgiving to Easter. Maine means winter fun.

I will end with one last boost for the sunrise alarm because I couldn’t live without it. I am thinking of telling all the hotels and inns to stock them in every room. What a way to greet the day! No, I do not sell this product. I do rely on it to put me in a cheerful mood during the colder months. In fact, I use in almost all year round. Adults and kids alike love its special features. You can program it to last as long as you like. You can change the colors and also add sounds and music. Is this a cool alarm system or what?