Staying Busy in Maine

People coming from the rest of New England need to know that there is a sort of trick to staying busy in Maine. A lot of Maine residents have learned to entertain themselves without a lot of other people around, since this is a state that has a lot of remote areas. Many other Maine residents are used to finding a way to be more self-sufficient for the same reason. Staying busy in Maine is very different from staying busy in many other parts of the United States. In fact, it has more in common with staying busy in the American South or the American Midwest.

People who live in New England have often noted that Maine appears to be noticeably different from the rest of New England in many ways. Obviously, all of the different New England states are similar in many ways, owing to a shared cultural history and a similar geography. However, some people will tend to consider Maine something of an unusual section of New England in many ways.

For one thing, Maine seems to have a comparatively large number of conservative residents. This is very unusual for New England. New England residents are typically some of the most liberal individuals in the United States. New Hampshire tends to skew conservative compared with many of the other states of New England. However, this effect is significantly more apparent with Maine.

It’s very hard to really understand why this is the case. However, many people from New England who travel to Maine do tend to notice something of a culture shock. Someone going from Vermont or Massachusetts will really feel it, since these are two of the most liberal states in all of America. They might expect something like this if they were traveling to the American South, and they might be more surprised to find it in Maine. Some people have actually taken to calling Maine the ‘South of the North.’

Obviously, there are plenty of liberal individuals in Maine as well, and Southerners might still notice that Maine is very different from a good portion of the American South. In some ways, Maine also has a lot in common with the American Midwest, which varies in terms of how conservative or liberal it is. Maine is a relatively large state, at least compared with many of the other New England states. In that regard, it is more similar to a Midwestern state. This means that there are going to be significantly more remote areas in a state like Maine.

Having a lot of remote areas in any state is going to have an effect on all of the residents. It means that there are going to be a lot of small towns in Maine, and this is still the case even today. People who have read Stephen King’s fiction will be introduced to this side of Maine over and over again. States that have a lot of remote areas will tend to develop a specific culture as well. There are lots of people in Maine that have something of a ‘pioneer’ sensibility, so to speak.

Lots of people in Maine are used to living apart from other people, and they’re used to having to fend for themselves in some of the more remote parts of the state. This is something that people will find in the Midwest and other parts of the United States. In New England, this is a less common attitude. However, people from New England will get a taste of both the South and the Midwest if they do decide to go to Maine.

Maine is also distinct from the rest of New England in that it really lacks a lot of really famous cities. Massachusetts has a lot of famous and populated cities. Given that Boston is full of a lot of great colleges, this is the sort of state that tends to attract people from all over the country and all over the world. Rhode Island has Providence. Vermont tends to attract a lot of people on the basis of its natural beauty and the perception that it’s like a New England version of California. Maine has a lot of natural and mountainous beauty that people should discover for themselves.

Maine has fewer famous cities that attract people from all over the country and all over the world. Massachusetts has a tendency to be the part of New England that gets the most attention. Essentially, Maine has a lot of small town people and a lot of people who are used to knowing only other Maine residents. This has an effect on shaping the culture and on shaping the politics of the area. The New England visitors who are expecting that Maine will be the same will have a tendency to focus on what is different. They can’t spend a lot of time going to the cities there or visiting famous historical landmarks.

Maine still has the same cold climate that helps to make New England famous or infamous in some circles. In fact, it’s colder than the rest of New England. In fact, the cold climate of Maine has a tendency to only increase its connection to certain parts of the Midwest, making people more self-reliant. They are also self-reliant when it comes to staying busy.